The European Commission releases its Renovation Wave strategy

Today the European Commission has published its Renovation Wave Strategy to improve the energy performance of buildings.

It is estimated that by 2050, 85-95% of buildings will still be standing. Buildings account for 40% of the energy consumption, and 36% of energy-related greenhouse gaz emission. It is therefore urgent to proceed with an extensive renovation of existing buildings.

Through the Renovation Wave strategy, the European Commission has set an ambitious goal: to at least double renovation rates in the next 10 years and make sure renovations lead to higher energy and resource efficiency. 35 million inefficient buildings could be renovated by 2030.

Three key priorities of the Renovation Wave strategy :

  1. Tackling energy povertyand worst-performing buildings;
  2. Renovation of public buildings such as schools, hospitals and public administrations;
  3. Decarbonisation of heating and cooling.

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