the deep retrofit

of residential


in the Mediterranean Area

MedZEB approach

The HAPPEN Project

HAPPEN is a EU-funded project that develops and rolls out the MedZEB approach: a tailored, holistic, transparent and adaptive strategy aimed to foster the market uptake of the deep energy retrofitting of the Mediterranean residential built environment.


Aimed to enhance “added values” for the retrofitting, such as well-being, social relations, optimal use of resources, district scale approach, smart integration, etc.


Aimed to put on the market new tools for enhancing investors’ trust


Aimed to integrate the most relevant aspects of the retrofitting supply and value chain, such as engagement and training, optimal solutions, financing and regulation


Aimed to provide solutions dedicated to the Mediterranean markets.


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The HAPPEN Project

Our tools

HAPPEN is working to translate the MedZEB approach into the following exploitable outputs, which are now under testing in 10 pilot sites across in 7 EU Med countries:

Training material and engagement techniques

General training materials are produced, aimed to raise the awareness of our target groups about energy saving opportunities and about the HAPPEN project; specialized training is produced for providing in-depth knowledge on the MedZEB approach. These materials are used in the Living Labs activated in our pilot sites and will be available on the HAPPEN platform.

Cost-optimal technical solutions

The HAPPEN cost-optimal packages of technical solutions are based on the definition of a homogeneous set of climatic zones, reference buildings and renovation measures tailored for the Mediterranean area. These solutions will be linked to a tool on the platform, which will allow the users to detect the cost-optimal solution for their homes according to a one-stop-shop and a step-by-step renovation approach.

Innovative financial solution

The HAPPEN financial solution is fully integrated with the cost-optimal technical solutions; it will support a step-by-step renovation approach with the aim to cover the investment costs through the energy savings achieved; this will allow minimizing the initial investment, while starting to benefit from the renovation since the very beginning.

MedZEB Protocol & Voluntary Certification Scheme

The MedZEB protocol is a guarantee scheme which sets the quality conditions for the good execution of the retrofit process along the whole value chain and at all levels (technical, energy, environmental, well-being, etc). It includes tools such as the Building Renovation Roadmap, based on the HAPPEN step-by-step approach, the Business Plan, based on the HAPPEN financial solution, and the MedZEB Voluntary Certification Scheme; this is a dynamic tool, to be issued after that each renovation step has been completed, in order to assess that results are compliant with the requirements established in the MedZEB Protocol.

HAPPEN platform

Hosted on this website, the HAPPEN platform is intended as an assisted digital marketplace aimed to match demand and offer in the Med retrofit markets, to defragment the value and supply chains, and to support renovation actors with dedicated tools. In particular, the platform is targeting the following groups:

― clients who want to renovate their home;
― makers who want to expand their skills, relations and business;
influencers who want to gain an overview of the retrofit market trends and access relevant data

HAPPEN is carried out by 13 partners coming from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus.