Project Results

Expected results and impact

The HAPPEN methodology is based on a Background Work aimed to produce once-for-all basic outputs and aimed to integrate the deep energy retrofit markets of the EU Med area; such outputs are being tested through the HAPPEN pilot sites and living labs, and will be operated and exploited through the HAPPEN platform.

Below you can find the publishable results of our project activities

Work Package 1 – Management

Work Package 2 – Engagement & Training Strategy

Work Package 3 – Optimal Solutions

Work Package 4 – Finance and Regulations

Work Package 5 – Integrated Platform

Work Package 6 – Pilot Actions

Work Package 7 – Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation


  No. Type Title Authors Title of the Journal/Proc./Book Number, date or freq. of the Journal/Proc./Book Is Peer-reviewed? Is Open Access? DOI Repository Link
  1 Article in Journal MedZEB: a new holistic approach for the deep energy retrofitting of residential buildings Padula, M., Picenni, F., Malvezzi, R., Laghi, L., Salmeròn Lissén, J. M., Sanchez de la Flor, F. J., Mateo-Cecilia, C., Soto-Francés, L., Assimakopoulos, M.-N., & Karlessi, T. TECHNE – Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment – Special Issue Vol. I Yes Green 10.13128/techne-22743
  2 Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop Deep Energy Retrofit of Residential Buildings in the Mediterranean Area: The MedZEB Approach Roberta Capogrosso, Giulia De Aloysio, Luca Laghi, Roberto Malvezzi, Eraldo Menconi, Marco Padula, Francesca Pecchia, Ángel Ruìz Cruceira, José Manuel Salmeròn Lissén, Paolo Luigi Scala Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions. SSPCR 2019.   Yes Green 10.1007/978-3-030-57764-3_3  
  3 Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop La necesidad de un enfoque holístico en la rehabilitación del parque residencial en el área mediterránea con criterios EECN: el proyecto Happen Cristina Jareño Escudero, Carlos Espigares Correa, Begoña Serrano Lanzarote, Miriam Navarro Escudero, José Manuel Salmerón Lissén, Ángel Ruiz Cruceira, María Flores Fillol, César Mifsut García VI Congreso Edificios Energía Casi Nula   No Green    
  4 Other DEFINING GEOEXCHANGE EXTRACTION RATES IN THE SAME GEOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT FOR DIFFERENT BOREHOLE GEOMETRY SETTINGS – PILOT RESULTS FROM THE HAPPEN – HORIZON 2020 PROJECT. Kurevija, T., Macenić, M., Sabolić, T. i Jovanović, D. Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik 36 (3) Yes Green 10.17794/rgn.2021.3.7  
  5 Other OVERVIEW | A holistic approach for the energy renovation of the residential built environment in the Mediterranean area: the HAPPEN project Marco Padula; Roberto Malvezzi; Francesca Picenni; Luca Laghi; Giulia De Aloysio; Eraldo Menconi; Roberta Capogrosso; Francesca Pecchia; Jose Salmeron-Lissen; Cristina Jareño Escudero; Giulia David BUILD UP   No Green    
  6 Article in Journal Optimal Renovation Strategies through Life-Cycle Analysis in a Pilot Building Located in a Mild Mediterranean Climate Salmerón Lissen, J.M.; Jareño Escudero, C.I.; Sánchez de la Flor, F.J.; Escudero, M.N.; Karlessi, T.; Assimakopoulos, M.-N. Applied Sciences Special issue Energy Storage in Buildings and Building Facilities   Yes Green 10.3390/app11041423
  7 Other Sustainable financing for the deep energy retrofit of the Mediterranean residential built environment Padula et al.     No Green    
  8 Article in Journal Indoor Environmental Quality Evaluation Strategy as an Upgrade (Renovation) Measure in a Historic Building Located in the Mediterranean Zone Efthymiou, C.; Barmparesos, N.; Tasios, P.; Ntouros, V.; Zoulis, V.; Karlessi, T.; Salmerón Lissén, J.M.; Assimakopoulos, M.N. Applied Sciences – Special issue : Retrofitting Buildings and Energy Efficiency 11 Yes Green 10.3390/app112110133
  9 Article in Journal Potential of Energy Savings in the Public Housing Stock of Comunitat Valenciana Region by Applying the MedZEB Cost-Optimal Methodology. Jareño Escudero, C.I.; Navarro Escudero, M.; Mifsut García, C.D.; Flores Fillol, M.; Salmerón Lissen, J.M. Applied Sciences – Special issue: Retrofitting Buildings and Energy Efficiency   Yes Green 10.3390/app12010138
  10 Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop A Digital Environment for Empowering the Main Actors of the Deep Energy Retrofitting Value Chain Scala P.L., Malvezzi R., Padula M., Picenni F., Pascale C., Lissén J.M.S., Aloysio G.D., Laghi L., Escudero C.J., Escudero M.N., Capogrosso R., Pecchia F., David G. Chemical Engineering Transactions 88 Yes Green 10.3303/cet2188054
  11 Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop The MedZEB Protocol: a Powerful Tool for Fostering Deep Renovation in the Mediterranean Area Laghi L., Aloysio G.D., Bottacini M., Malvezzi R., Lissén J.M.S. Chemical Engineering Transactions 88 Yes Green 10.3303/cet2188053
  12 Other The MedZEB Approach of the European Project HAPPEN Cyprus Energy Agency Περιοδικό ΕΤΕΚ, Νοεμβρίου 2021   No Green    
  13 Other Rénover les bâtiments résidentiels en Méditerranée, l’EPA Euroméditeranée teste la méthode HAPPEN Alice Noguier     No Green    
  14 Article in Journal Identification of Reference Buildings in Mediterranean Countries: The HAPPEN Project Approach Manuel Rosales, Chrysanthi Efthymiou, Nikolaos Barmparesos, Panagiotis Tasios, José Manuel Salmerón Lissén, and Margarita Niki Assimakopoulos Applied Sciences – Special issue “Retrofitting Buildings and Energy Efficiency” 12 Yes Green 10.3390/app12115638
  15 Other Vidiki prenove stavb z orodji platforme HAPPEN in pristopom MedZEB GI ZRMK Professional magazine EGES nr. 5/2021: Magazine for energetics, economy and ecology   No Green    
  16 Other Celovita prenova stavb večstanovanjskih s pristopom MedZEB GI ZRMK     No Green
  Suggested publications from OpenAIRE            
  No. Type Title Authors Title of the Journal/Proc./Book Number, date or freq. of the Journal/Proc./Book Is Peer-reviewed?

  1 Other Catalogue of reference buildings classes in Mediterranean countries            
  2 Other Material for MedZEB vertical training in Living Labs              
  3 Other Report on regulatory framework and incentive systems in the Mediterranean countries              
  4 Other Report on representative climates and zoning              
  5 Other MedZEB protocol              
  6 Other Articles and publications, e-Pills Video, Newsletters – First batch              
  7 Other Report on optimal packages of solutions              
  8 Other Abacus of “renovation measures” at building and district scale              
  9 Article in Journal Holistic Impact and Environmental Efficiency of Retrofitting Interventions on Buildings in the Mediterranean Area: A Directional Distance Function Approach Monica Cariola; Greta Falavigna; Francesca Picenni Applied Sciences, Vol 11, Iss 10794, p 10794 (2021) 44515 10.3390/app112210794      
  10 Other Material for general training in Living Labs and for on-line training modules