Policy Makers

Consult documents and substantial data

Look into the HAPPEN Knowledge Base: The HAPPEN Knowledge Base collects scientific and informative material, such as: Data emerged from Living Labs and gathered by the Living Labs facilitators; Outputs produced by Thematic Work Packages; protocols, scientific papers relevant to the sector; Dissemination material and news for the general public.

Get in touch with other policy-makers

Access Policy makers forum: Policy makers can get in touch and discuss with other Policy makers in their dedicated forum.

Understand needs and trend related to my area of action

Access Expert Dashboard: the Expert Dashboard is graphical user interface which allows influencers to get a clear representation of need and trends emerged by the automatic analysis of the HAPPEN Platform usage:
the colored bars in the high part (legend to the left of each bar) show the
• number of users registered with the forums
• number of active forums
• total number of topics discussed in all forums
• number of responses (indicator of the intensity of the discussions)
• number of keywords
Below, in the tab:
• highlighted by default, in blue trending keywords
• in the hidden tabs, the most discussed topics
• the latest discussions published
• the statistics in real time.