New paper by the HAPPEN Consortium: the MedZEB approach

In December 2019, HAPPEN had participated to the International conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions (SSPCR 2019), in Bolzano, Italy.

Today, we are proud to have our joint paper illustrating the MedZEB approach for the deep energy retrofitting of residential buildings in the Mediterranean area published on the proceedings of this conference, along with other high-level experts’ contributions.

This paper provides a detailed overview of the MedZEB approach and of the outputs produced by the HAPPEN project to support a new perspective for the deep retrofit of residential buildings in the Mediterranean area, that is:

  • Holistic, i.e., aimed at integrating the most relevant aspects of the retrofitting supply chain;
  • Transparent, i.e., aimed at putting on the market novel tools for enhancing investors’ trust;
  • Adaptive, i.e., aimed at enhancing “added values” of the retrofitting such as flexibility, well-being, etc.

Click here to read and download the paper

Thanks to EURAC Research for the huge editorial work done to produce this publication, and for the excellent organisation of the SSPCR 2019 Conference!

You can cite this paper as: Capogrosso R. et al. (2021) Deep Energy Retrofit of Residential Buildings in the Mediterranean Area: The MedZEB Approach. In: Bisello A., Vettorato D., Ludlow D., Baranzelli C. (eds) Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions. SSPCR 2019. Green Energy and Technology. Springer, Cham.