Marseille pilot site: a new key partnership between Euroméditerranée and Foncière Logement

In the picture: Hugues Parant, General Director of Euroméditerranée and Yanick Le Meur, General Director of the association Foncière Logement at the signature of the cooperation agreement the 30th november 2020.

Marseille Our French partner Euroméditerranée Urban Development Agency has signed a partnership with the French association Foncière Logement, which will allow to carry out the renovation works in the pilot site of Marseille, located in the district “Les Crottes”.

This cooperation agreement is a milestone for the development of the pilot action in Marseille. Indeed, this 3-years partnership will be integrated in a set of measures carried out by Foncière Logement aiming to fight against unworthy habitat, which is one of the main challenges of this city. It will consist in applying the methodology and outputs developed within the HAPPEN project to the renovation works, aiming to achieve 60% of energy savings.

In the Marseille district of “Les Crottes”, the first experimentations will be carried out on 7 residential buildings. Foncière Logement will soon start the feasibility study in order to define the exact methodology of the renovation works. In parallel, the application of the HAPPEN approach will potentially allow to involve an energy operator in the renovation.

This will allow to develop a reference framework for optimal renovation measures, both technical and financial, adapted to the Mediterranean area and in line with Foncière Logement exploitation model.

About Foncière Logement

Foncière Logement is an initiative funded by the group Action Logement, which works since more than 65 years to improve access to habitat in France. Action Logement is one of the key financial contributors of the urban regeneration public policies and of the local habitat policies.

Foncière Logement carries out a set of measures called “Digneo”, aimed to fight against unworthy habitat, which will be coupled with the HAPPEN methodology in the pilot site of Marseille.

About Euroméditerranée

Since more than 25 years, Euroméditerranée has been designing, developing and building the sustainable Mediterranean city of the future, right in the heart of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis.

The intervention area of Euroméditerranée covers 480 hectars, and is an experimentation space to test innovative solutions and services, which could become part of the sustaianble Mediterranean city of tomorrow.

Euroméditerranée is a partner of the HAPPEN project and the leader of the pilot action in Marseille.