The HAPPEN Program is a framework of actions, tools and services implemented through the HAPPEN platform, which is aimed at boosting the effectiveness of the HAPPEN outputs for fostering the uptake of deep retrofitting markets in EU Med countries.

The following stages compose the Program:


This stage addresses both makers (such as professionals or service providers) and potential clients (such as households and property owners).
Makers have access to a knowledge base on HAPPEN and deep retrofitting in general, as well as the MedZEBinars. These are dedicated training modules for becoming a MedZEB expert, a trained professional responsible for the overall application of the MedZEB approach.
Clients have access to easy-to-use basic content, such as success stories, e-pills and other self-training tools; a configurator will allow a quick assessment of potential energy savings. The engagement stage ends when a client contacts a MedZEB expert.


This stage is performed by the MedZEB expert, who will access dedicated tools that will enable the customization of cost-optimal technical and financial solutions based on real case studies. This will allow to produce a tailored draft design of the retrofitting roadmap.


This phase isbased on the subscription, by all the actors of the retrofitting process, of the MedZEB Protocol. This signifies the activation of the retrofitting process according to the step-by-step logic. The  renovation results will be monitored at each renovation step: if they are compliant with the objectives agreed in the Protocol, the Voluntary Certification Scheme will be issued at each step of the renovation. If not, contingency measures will be activated, according to the guarantee scheme contained in the Protocol.


This is a cross-cutting action aimed to foster the interaction among all the actors of the retrofitting supply and value chain, from potential clients to makers and influencers. The action aims to defragment the retrofitting demand and offer, so to lay the conditions for their matching through the HAPPEN platform. This goal is pursued by activating on-site Living Labs within urban districts in need of energy renovation, where all the target groups are engaged, and then by scaling-up Living Lab results by offering a dedicated digital space on the platform.

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