5th HAPPEN project meeting… from our homes!

The 14th and 15th May 2020 the HAPPEN team should have met in Valencia,  for the 5th project meeting hosted by our partners IVE and EVHA. Due the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, we were not able to travel, but we still decided to gather online, each of us from our homes.

This meeting allowed the partners to have a fruitful conversation about the state of the project activities and share the key achievements. HAPPEN reaches its final implementation year, therefore, the meeting was also an opportunity to plan the final project phase and the necessary measures to face the challenges resulting from the Covid-19 crisis.

Many of HAPPEN’s key outputs have been produced, and in the pilot sites a local community of building owners, renovation professionals, policy makers, researchers and building professionals has been mobilized. Now it is time to engage this community and bring together the HAPPEN outputs on the HAPPEN platform, in order to build a tool that will allow to help achieving a deep renovation of buildings that is holistic and tailored to the Mediterranean area.