On 15th and 16th October 2019, the HAPPEN partners gathered in Labin, Croatia, for the 4th project meeting.

Hosted by our Croatian partner IRENA, we spent two days taking stock of the work done during the first year and a half of the project and discussing possible strategies to maintain the results beyond the project duration.

The meeting has been the occasion to look at the HAPPEN platform prototype and to hear from the pilot leaders about the main advancements in their respective locations and the key highlights from the Living Labs.

The architecture of the technical outputs is now well defined, and meeting allowed to hear about the main advancements concerning the MedZEB Protocol & Voluntary Certification Scheme (CERTIMAC), the Packages of Optimal Solutions (Universidad de Sevilla) and the Financial Solution (Harley & Dikkinson).

After an insightful visit to the mining town of Raša, where two Croatian pilot buildings are located, day two was dedicated to a World Café where the partners discussed about the relevance and further development of four key components of the HAPPEN project:

  • Cost optimal solutions
  • MedZEB Renovation protocol
  • Experts learning & certification
  • Exploitation & marketing

See you in Valencia for the next project meeting!